Licks by Juice Roll Upz E-Liquid 100ML — American Distributors LLC.

Licks by Juice Roll Upz E-Liquid 100ML

Licks by Juice Roll Upz E-Liquid 100ML

Juice Roll-Upz is back again but this time they have released a brand new premium e juice flavor line and it is extremely delicious. Many of you have heard of Juice Roll-Upz; they are basically a household name. They are carried in most Vape Shops across the globe and they have a very well known reputation of producing some of the best vape juice that the world has ever seen.

Gummie B

Juice Roll-Upz has already won vape enthusiasts over with their authentic and outrageously delicious candy-inspired vape juice flavors. Now, they’ve given us Gummi B Licks vape juice, an incredibly yummy homage to those little gummy bear candies. Each puff provides the taste buds with juicy fruit tastes coated in delightful candy sugar.


Remember those juicy little gummy fish that exploded with succulent strawberry flavor? If you dream of indulging in a bag of those candies but don’t want to upset your dentist, you can vape this yummy candy taste at last. Swish Licks vape juice by Juice Roll-Upz is an outstanding take on that sweet and sour gummy treat.

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