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Oilax Cito Pro 450mAh 2 In 1 Premium Cartridge Battery

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Oilax Cito Pro 450mAh 2 In 1 Premium Cartridge Battery
The Cito Pro is a convenient and easy-to-carry device for vaping liquids and waxy products. Compatibe with pre-filled and refillable cartridges, it is equipped with a magnectic adapter. Cito Pro has a variable voltage battery, offering you 4 optimized voltage setings, and it is made perfect with its pre-heat function to ensure you have an ideal vaping experience.

Size: 2.87in*1.38in*.67in
Capacity: 400mAh
Voltage: 4.0/3.8/3.6/3.4V
Lock/Unlock: Press (5) times
Change Voltage Settings: Press(3) times
Pre-Heat Function: Press (2) times
Maximum Puff Duration: 15 seconds
Battery Low Indicator: Indicator light blinks (10) times
Protection: Over charge/over dis-charge/over current/short circuit protection

1 x Cito Pro Battery
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Wax Cartridge
1 x Oil Cartridge
1 x Packing Tool
2 x Short Magnetic Adapter
1 x Long Magnetic Adapter

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Additional information


H1 (Monkey Boy), H4 (Hallowed Time), H5 (Mashroom Street), H6 (Dr Johnson), H7 (Hell Envoy), H8 (Devils Night), H9 (Fashion Higher Ups), H10 (Dark Nightmare), H11 (Undead Kiss), H2 (Sea Horse), H3 (Street Art), H12 (King & Demons), H13 (AK BANANA), H14 (SKULL ALDDIN), H15 (NIGHTMARE), H16 (STREET HERO), H17 (DETECTIVE MAN), H18 (BOOM KILLER), H19 (ORANGUTANS GANG), H20 (Hamburg Clow), H21 (Fashion Monster), H22 (Allien Cat), H23 (Skeleton Astronout), H24 (Dollar Crocodile), ROCK LION KING, MR SHARK