American Distributors LLC, 

1040 Bryn Mawr ave,
Bensenville IL 60106
Tel. (630) 422-1915
Fax # (630) 422-7294
[email protected]

Toll free 877-896-2703

6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Nabil ayyash says:

    Hey so whenever you guys updated the website for some reason it won’t let me log into my account

  2. Punjab Walia says:

    Account says needs manual validation. Please tell me what I need to send you to activate my account

  3. Rehan Khan says:

    I run a busy c store in dayton ohio. The demand for vape products have gone up. I am unable to create the account. I find everything i need on your website. Please help me become a loyal customer. Thanks.

  4. Usman Fayyazi says:

    This is Usman fayyazi
    With JIMMY’S mask
    I can’t use my id and password any more
    [email protected]
    If u need to call me my number is 8653155674

  5. Bob Saleman says:

    Hi, my account is not working even after I reset the password. It gives the message Your account has been disapproved. Please contact administrator.


  6. admin says:

    we just need your FEIN NO>.

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